The Jonah's Light Superheroism Fund has been established for the young budding superheroes of Pomona, California to honor Jonah's creative, athletic, and generous spirit.



Right from the moment Jonah joined our family and our community, he was fascinated by superheroes and their stories of heroism. Our earliest memory of him with us is him donning a Spiderman mask and pretending to shoot webs from his hands at his “Arriving in America” party. Our most treasured keepsakes of his are his drawings of Batman, Captain America, and Superman, fighting their respective archenemies.

When Jonah was tragically taken from us in February of 2017, he had exhibited superpowers only found in the greatest of all superheroes: an undefeatable spirit, a generous heart, and a creative mind.

It is these same superhero attributes that we want to foster through this memorial fund so that Jonah's Light can live on in these recipients.



On October 13, 2017, Miss Monserrat “Monse” Gonzalez was the 1st recipient of the Jonah's Light Superheroism Award and $2000 scholarship. Jonah's best friend, Linden Almanza, presented Ms. Gonzalez this award.

Ms. Gonzalez is a Pomona community member and high school senior who has demonstrated the same superpower potential that we saw in Jonah. She is a budding, young superhero who has overcome the difficulties of growing up in this community and refused to accept defeat; who has generously given much of her time and self to others at the Pomona Hope Community Center; and who has creatively found ways to achieve educationally and personally where others have not.

It is our hope that this scholarship would be a catalyst for this recipient to continue to foster and grow her superpower potential for the benefit for all humanity.